Thursday, July 2, 2015

Canada Day Holiday: July 1st

A flag with a First Nations motif (photo I took)

And here is the traditional version of the Canadian flag (in the middle) between the Vancouver flag to the left and the BC (British Columbian) flag to the right of it (below):

Flags of Vancouver, Canada, and BC (Wikipedia photo)

I'm grateful to be living in a free land/country without war, without having to worry about living in a refugee camp, starving and destitute on the streets (though there are people here who are) and the like.

Waving my paper Canadian flag, wearing my Canadian flag pin and red and white coloured clothing, I attended a Canada Day parade in North Vancouver, British Columbia before heading back home, grabbing a bit to eat and what-not before heading for a Canada Day festival of music, food carts, vendors, and the like. Later on, watching the fireworks to music which I prefer, i.e., without music it seems rather dull and boring in comparison.

Watching a Canadian National (CN) train - I love trains - go by.

Photo of CN train I took

See my two previous short posts of prior Canada Days:;postID=6182933957545827564;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=31;src=link AND also

What do you appreciate most about being Canadian if you are one?

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: Potential!

Since I usually pre-feature the blogger before the story, I will thus toot my own horn a bit, if you don't mind. And if you do, just scroll down to below the line. I won't be at all offended. I promise!

Today's word prompt (by me) is "Potential". I know why I chose this word. It's simple really.

Potential was my favourite word in my 20's when I started reading self-growth, self-development, or "self-improvement" books. or books on what I term potentiality.

And, well, you can do so many things with the word potential can't you? After all, it is about the potential of the word isn't it? ;)

My initial blog post had potential at least of a different kind. Not long ago, my bio read along the line as follows:

Elly is the founder and artistic director/facilitator of Children's Co-Creative Choir. She sang harmony as a child with her sisters, harmony as an adult in church and community choirs, currently with Burstin' with Broadway. She is a certified Expressive Arts Therapist having trained and/or worked with various modalities such as sound, movement, visual art, clowning, psychodrama, mask-making, clay, poetry, and fairytales. Elly's educational background also includes AD(H)D, counselling, bereavement, and children's programs. With her thirst for knowledge and inquisitive mind, she has also participated in numerous workshops ranging from art-making to singing. She has participated in two intensive bootcamp retreats being tested physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ok, with all that potential in (the back of your) mind, let's move on shall we?

Stacked marbles (picture from Pixabay)

"See this marble?," asked Sally? Her brother David looked up from where he sat beside her in the living room.

"This," remarked Sally emphatically, "is Earth!" as she outstretched her hand having picked a marble from a stack of them.

"No it's not!" exclaimed five-year old David.

"Oh yes, it is! Look! Look carefully! See all the blue. Those are the oceans. And see the green. That is the land."

"No!" yelled her brother this time, shaking his head vigorously.

"You just have to use your imagination!" Sally responded in a bit of a huff. "This marble has lots of potential!"

P.S. I am relatively new to fiction and if you were paying attention to my previous Wordy Wednesday posts, this is my first fiction with conversation in it. So I challenged myself in using speaking as potential in developing the story.

Though a short story, I would love your feedback. Do you prefer this style or my previous non-speaking Wordy Wednesdays? (Just do a search on the side bar.)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Gratitude List #11: A Feast of Food, Friends, and FUN!

Pizza sign at Bowen Island Pizza Company

Today's gratitude list is on the themes of food, friends, and fun (not necessarily in that order)!

* Listening to music while working and bouncing on my ball while working
* Great music and musicians, example Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp
* Great views when I walk uphill in my neighbourhood
Pizza menu: we had pear & brie special

* A night out with female friends sharing a movie, pizza, and a drink
* Bowen Island Pizza Company at the Quay in North Van
* Friends, especially female friends (at this time in my life)
* Foreign movies: Monsieur Lazhar (filmed in Canada)
* Gelato on a hot day or evening
* Buskerfest, a showcase of buskers in Vancouver

Kutapira, a cool troupe playing Afro-Cuban and West African percussion

* Storing food in my landlady's fridge and freezer: mine was on the fritz
* Air-conditioned venues and transportation such as the seabus and cars
* A day trip to Bowen Island (not where I got the pizza from!)
* Shared summer fruit such as cherries and blueberries
* "Accessing Your Soul's Direction", a husband-wife team-lead workshop
* Canela Michelle Meyers and Steve Clippingdale co-facilitators
* Gorgeous sunsets with various hues
* Seeing bright, beautiful Venus pulsing, twinkling in the sky
* Singing in choir - rehearsing and singing on the same day

What is on your gratitude list today?

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wordy Wednesday: Camping Candle

Today's picture prompt is attributed to B-A-R (Blog-A-Rhythm) member, writer, and blogger Parul Kashyap Thakur.

I met Parul online via the April A to Z challenge where I was impressed by her fervent writings on pressing women's issues that I could tell were dear to her heart (and wish were on everyone's heart).

Parul writes about "Everything about my idea of happiness, food and a lot of food for thought!" according to her site's home page (

Her recent post, a tribute to fathers on Father's Day is an easy-to-read post mostly made up of infographics with some rather interesting statistics about fathers:

I find Parul to be a kind, warm, compassionate being expressed through her writings in terms of what she blogs about. I highly recommend you consider reading her blog: I doubt you will regret it as you will probably learn something new at least!

The Kampers loved to camp (and not just because of their name). Their favourite pastime was lighting a fire to sing campfire songs, tell stories (especially ghost stories), and roast marshmallows.

Sometimes they would camp afar, sometimes closer to home, and even at times in the event of inclement weather on their house deck.

It was this one impending storm that drove the Kampers to their deck. They gathered round in their cozy hoodies and blanets, hot drinks in hand, not around their usual campfire unfortunately.

Instead, one lit candle stood tall and glowed, sheltered by glass as if from potential harm. It occasionally flickered at first, and eventually more fervently where the flame tossed mercilessly as the wind gathered force.

The wind howled picking pace and along with it anything on its path. The Kampers fled to their basement in fear, forgetting the lone candle standing there, at least for now.