Thursday, September 18, 2014

Talented Thursday: Walkie-talkie You!

Photograph from internet
I love to invent words from time to time, though with increasing technology and inventions, new terminology is also being added to our everyday language.

Take this word for instance: nomophobia. Have you ever heard of it? If you were to guess what it means, would you do so correctly? No matter, here's a BIG clue: 0

Did you guess right? The word 'nomophobia' is actually made up of three words: 'no' plus 'mobile' plus 'phobia' to make what looks like a compound word. It essentially means a fear of being without your phone.

Isn't that a seemingly reality as cellphone addiction is becoming more common. I wouldn't be surprised if it is replacing internet addiction.

In Chongqing, China (, a 30-metre (100-foot) stretch of sidewalk was specifically created for nomophobics in a theme park. Can you believe that?! I wonder about other parts of the world!

This sidewalk lane has the word "cellphones" along with a symbol for visual display. The lane is separated with two thick white lines.

Being a form of a 'walkie-talkie' ( - us humans - would require a certain amount of control and discipline to talk and walk at the same time, preferably in a relatively straight line. That may be considered a talent.

So much in fact, that the post-secondary school near my work featured a 'road safety' challenge with orange traffic cones, lane lines, and the like as part of student orientation last week. I would have participated except that I recently got my new cellphone and didn't quite know how to work it just yet. I think it may have been an enlightening experiment.

Are you a 'walkie-talkie?' Are you able to walk without hitting people, poles, walls, and the like? (Apparently, that's quite common.) If so, you are talented, though I wouldn't recommend it! ;) <3

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: Caption Wanted

Quick: What caption comes immediately to mind when you see this photo? Let me know and I will post my answer after I receive a reply from a number of you. ;)

*Note: A double entendre for "wordless" in the title as in no words, or less words than usual - the latter, my definition, which applies in this case. ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tantalizing Tuesday: Child MJ Impersonator

I saw this last night on FB (Facebook) and thought I would feature it here.

The video above is of Xiao Bao ("little treasure" in Chinese) on China's Got Talent, a show on TV ( He started performing when he was only two years old, though he declares that he has been dancing since he was in his mother's belly. Xiao Bao was born premature at two pounds.

Google his name and/or check out this brief video clip of him:

You may or may not believe in reincarnation. I didn't until certain incidents occurred. I wonder: could this be Michael Jackson (MJ) being reborn? After all, this boy was born almost a year after MJ's death.

What do you think: do you believe in reincarnation? Why or why not?

Monday, September 15, 2014

100 Words: Write to Change the World

Prelude: I usually write what I know and this quote is the one that speaks to me loudest: "If you want to change the world, pick up your pen and write." - Martin Luther

"Inspired Elly" (photo by Roberto Kaplan)

I desire, no, I aim to change the world - I admit it - by the stroke of a pen or keyboard, by the words from my heart.

Congruent with my vision of scribing poems and songs - a form of rap or slam poetry perhaps - and more with children. Not just any words, but inspirational words. Words that come to me like...what?!...instant recognition, instant knowing. Like there is no doubt in my mind. It is clear. Crystal clear.

These kids’ lives will change, the world will change, one beat, one poem, one song, one heart at a time. :)

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Soulful Sunday: Favourite Weekly Posts - Mine and Others!

Photo by Roberto Kaplan

It seems that the two favoured of my blog posts I wrote this past week were the following: my Tuesday posting about the Supermoon ( which garnered some interesting commentary as well as the last in a series on Robin William's death (, the latter on the stigma of mental illness and how I overcome it.

Friday's post, "LOA: Suicide, Homicide, and Me," was somewhat unusual in that I reversed Thursday's and Friday's posts and also I had forgotten to ask a question on both days. I did so later. Thus, the remarks on Friday's post reflected around my courage for telling my tale online (

Was I justified initially in feeling upset and angry about not receiving comments hours after posting? This in response to my raw exposure of my soul and in observation that some fiction writers received lots of replies on their themes of suicide? That is, they didn't pour their heart out like me, leaving it raw, open, exposed, and vulnerable. However, I later realized that it was Friday night, the start of a weekend here and a Saturday on the side of the globe. Maybe that was the reason?!

All but one of my postings this past week ended up being on the topic of suicide. And I read some great posts too, though I didn't have as much time nor record them with an exceptionally busy week:

Vinodini Iyer’s scintillating writing on the theme of 'darkness' – Her blog post inspired me to want to write on that about the circles under my eyes - LOL - which could be a due to a lack of sleep and/or allergies. ;)

Penny McDaniel’s post on water which sounded so poetic. I wished she had written poetry instead to counter the photos she posted (

What post would you most favour of mine this past week, Monday to Friday? And why?

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Smorgasbord Saturday: 2nd Week of Ultra Blog Challenge

Photo I took of an artistically swirled latte

After this week, especially yesterday's post, I feel like I could use a break - a cup of coffee (espresso-type) drink or rather, a BIG cup of soothing Earl Grey Tea please!

This week was rather interesting with me discovering that it was World Suicide Prevention Day which I never heard of before. The following is a really great and simple, easy-to-read site with some startling facts and stats: This year the theme was "One World." Suicide Prevention Week was also this week.

My posts were as follows: Here’s a recap of my week’s posts starting with Monday, September 8th:

I had originally intended to title this post as "Mental Health Monday..." but it would have been too long a title and it was long enough already. I felt and wanted it to be part of this series that I had started after the death of Robin Williams, a beloved American actor and comedian.

Instead, the post became "Part 3: Aftermath of a Brilliant Comic’s Death: Funnyman AKA Robin Williams" which was about the stigma of mental illness. I know and have known a number of people with mental health issues, primarily depression, but also PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), bipolar disorder, etc. They are still people, still humans, just like you and I!

Me and my love of the moon and stars at night prompted my second(?) posting on the sensational Supermoon, "Tantalizing Tuesday: Supermoon No. 5 in 2014" where I – with that beautiful photo I wish I took – wrote about the relationship to the Law of Attraction (LOA) which was another theme of mine this week in part, as well as a phenomena known as the "observer effect" which thrilled me when I first read it a few years ago.

My original "Word-less" Wednesday was transformed to "World Suicide Prevention Day & Suicide Prevention Week" as I had just discovered that they were the themes for that day and the week. I was astounded by some of the mind-blowing stats, sad to hear.

This with a photo I took which I absolutely love – the same is hanging at my workplace for now - touched ever so slightly on the three main criteria for suicide, then onto a brief story about my life on one of the factors, followed by a brief mention of two potential lifesaving supports (though one may not be apparent generally under certain circumstances).

I changed Thursday’s post title to "Self-Love: Suicide Prevention". This post was actually meant to be part 3 with Friday’s post as Part 2; however, I switched them around for some reason though can't recall now. (I'm sure I had a good reason though.) I spoke about why I wanted to die most of my life, until a certain point.

Friday’s post and title was changed as well. Instead of Part 3, I changed it to LOA: - short for Law of Attraction - Suicide, Homicide, and Me. This posting was relatively easy to write physically, but I was surprised, shocked even, that I still had emotion come up at the end after I posted it. I thought I had forgiven, dealt with the situation, and moved on with a clean slate. After all, it happened years ago!

I realized I didn’t add questions to Thursday's and Friday's Part 2 and 3 so added those before I post this one!

Again, thank you to my robust readers, faithful followers, and courageous commenters! Love you all! :) <3 (There may be better words to describe my readers and commenters, but that's what came to my mind immediately and I can't seem to think of any others. If you have better descriptors, let me know and I may consider changing it!) ;)

Friday, September 12, 2014

LOA: Suicide, Homicide, and Me

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approx- imately one million people - that's 1,000,000 - around the world commit suicide yearly or every 40 seconds, more than that of homicide and war combined: astounding! Furthermore, they expect that the rate will increase to every 20 seconds by the year 2020: unbelieveable!

Those are definitely sad statistics! I could have been one of them if my intent to self-harm was strong enough. (Read the last two postings for details.) I'm grateful I never did in the end, pardon the pun (as that just came out).

However, before I started believing in myself (even remotely), an incident - condensed version - occurred that would eventually change my life.

Long story short(er), I attracted not one, but two men who were willing, able, and capable of killing me and almost did. Luckily I escaped both times unharmed, at least physically.

The first time, in my early 20's, was in relationship with an alcoholic (though I didn't know that till towards the end of or after our relationship ended) who was obsessive in that no one else could "have me." I think he felt he "owned" me as if I was his property.

If you ever come to know this about your relationship or that of another person, take my advice and run, don't walk, to the nearest exit (i.e., out of the relationship). Those are the one of the most dangerous types of men.

My boyfriend was a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality (based on a character in a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson) about a split personality now known as 'dissociative identity disorder.' He could be friendly, charming, sweet and kind one moment, and full of fury with explosive anger or rather rage, the next. Definitely scary to be around! I repeat: AVOID at all cost! This is a warning!

One night - middle of the night or very early in the morning - I awoke with a fright to, I believe if I recall correctly, someone calling my name and/or a sound and/or knock at my balcony. I lived on the fifth or sixth floor if I recall correctly. He had somehow climbed (to my amazement) to my floor level.

When I opened the balcony door, he was intoxicated, angrily cursing and shouting at me. Shortly thereafter, he had a kitchen knife at my throat. (Oh yeah, I'm not kidding you!) A short while later, he attempted to either suffocate me with a towel/washcloth from the linen closet or strangle me - I wasn't sure which and I wasn't sure about to find out as I somehow escaped, ran to my friend's apartment on another floor or did I run to the superintendent? Was I ever terrified: I thought that was the end of me.

It was miraculous that I survived uninjured. I truly do not know how or remember how I escaped. Just typing this brings up visceral sensations in my body. The body always remembers...there is such a thing as cellular memory: "a variation of body memory, the pseudoscientific hypothesis that memories can be stored in individual cells" (as per Wikipedia,

And despite that particular incident, I didn't learn my lesson the first time round so the pattern repeated almost 10 years later. This time I attracted an obsessive personality from a particular patriarchal culture.

This boyfriend similarly could be charming - since then I do not trust 'charmers' - and was pleasant and easy-going for the most part. However, one time he wanted to have intercourse with me. I refused as I didn't want to with him. So he started throwing me around slamming me against a wall at least once. And then, all of a sudden in one instant, he grabbed me, threw me onto his bed, and started choking me, strangling me with his bare hands.

Again, I thought: "This is it!"

By fluke, out of nowhere, I remembered that I had chocolate in my pocket and that it was a hot day. I can't believe I was able to even think straight in that moment! I stuck my right hand in my short's pocket - it's funny now when I think of this - and put my hand smothered with melted chocolate up to his face which was pretty close to mine. He let go and I ran off. I'm surprised he didn't lick my hands! ;)

Ok, you have to make fun of something like that after it happens as it's too serious and traumatic an incident.

Though I have since forgiven both men in my heart, not instantly but I did in time - feeling butterflies in my stomach as I'm writing this for the first time. Interesting that the hardest person to forgive was myself.

It was a few years later when I realized with sudden clarity what had happened and why. Read yesterday's post where I answer that. ;)

Was I a 'victim' of my thoughts/feelings/circumstances? How did the Law of Attraction play out in this (true life) story?